As a service lead recruitment agency, we take your success very seriously.  If we agree to work with you, we commit to putting our all in to every vacancy, from core market skills, to niche requirements that require specialist attention.  We make it our responsibility to ensure delivery of results across the board, no matter how challenging the task. Your business is unique, and that is where we start our partnership.

Why choose TruSearch Consulting?

Dedication to delivery

Recruitment can go smoothly, but sometimes you start to wonder if you will ever find the right person.  This is where we come in to our own. We may not always deliver on day one (no one can!), but you can rely on us to grit our teeth and deliver the right result.

Honesty, integrity, transparency

At TruSearch Consulting, these are absolutes. At each step we provide honest, candid information to help you make the best decisions for your company. We focus on fostering great long term relationships, and for that we believe trust is imperative on both sides.

Understanding our candidates

First and foremost we see Candidates as people, with unique motivations, commitments and ambitions. Before we submit anyone for a role, we hold detailed candidate consultation meetings. By the time a CV drops on your desk, we have qualified them extensively as a fit for you.

Understanding our clients

To TruSearch Consulting, “client” and “partner” are analogous.  We start by getting to know you as a company, and on those strong foundations build long and successful working relationships.  That relationship becomes crucial when discussing your company. After talking to us, our candidates feel like they understand you. They can buy into your culture before they’ve even stepped foot in the door.

We genuinely care

You put your trust in us, we see that as a great responsibility. Our consultants are encouraged to build lasting relationships and genuinely care about their clients. Through that process, we feel personally invested in seeing you achieve your goals. When the going gets tough, that is what keeps us going, digging deep to find a way to deliver for you.

Specialism in Technology

We focus on one IT and Technical sectors. In doing so we have built up an extensive network of candidates who are relevant to you.  We still have access to all the conventional methods of recruitment, but for us those methods are merely the tip of the iceberg. It is our specialist knowledge that really separates us.

What our clients say

“Jordan was great to work with he really understood his market, the technologies and what we were looking for as a business. Highly recommend to anyone looking for outside support!”

Martyn Jones – Programme Manager Amazon

“Working with Jordan was a great experience, he really knew how to go about finding the right people at the right time for his clients. In addition to that, he was never short of suggestions in difficult search situations. Me and Jordan always bounced ideas off each other. It was a pleasure to work with him.”

Matthew Lewis – Director – Branch Tech

“Tru-search has been the first recruitment company I’ve had a genuinely excellent experience with. Every candidate they’ve sent over has been well-selected, as they have a deep understanding of our criteria. We’ve established a long-term relationship with them, and look forward to continued growth with them by our side.”

Daniel Steele – Eola

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